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Songbird Ocarinas began when Durian Songbird made his first batch of ocarinas on misty Moonstone Beach in Northern California in 1989. His teacher was a very talented artist named Rena, who made ocarinas in the shape of turtles and dolphins. He'd traded her a kalimba (thumb piano) that he had made, in return for teaching the basics of ocarina construction. He made a couple through direction, and then fired them on the beach in a driftwood fire, and then cooled them in the ocean.

He travelled for a vast amount of years, selling ocarinas around the globe and honing his skills. He returned to the United States, purchased a van, and traveled to Colorado. He spent a season there studying meditation with a teacher he had met in India, and making ocarinas at a mountain campsite. He continued the journey by joining and traveling with a circus, always selling and practicing.

Eventually he got tired of traveling and performing, and decided to settle down in Santa Barbara, California, where he practiced near beautiful mountains, beaches, a university to study ethnic music, and an arts and crafts market on the beach each Sunday. When "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" was released, the demand for ocarinas expanded exponentially, and Durian hired his friends to help keep up with the demand. In 2007, Durian and the ocarinas moved to Los Angeles. Songbird Ocarinas is continually striving to make more beautifully sounding and enjoyably playable ocarinas!


Songbird Ocarinas create their own hand-made ceramic ocarinas, and are also distributors of Focalink ocarinas. Some of Songbird's popular ocarina styles are "The Dragontooth", "The Muse", and several versions of "The Ocarina of Time".

Traduction Francaise:

SongBird Ocarinas font leurs propres ocarinas, et distribuent aussi les ocarina de Focalink (Basé en chine). Les plus populaires de leurs créations sont le DragonTooth (Dent De Dragon), The Muse, et leurs réplique tiré du jeu Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time (OOT).SongBird souhaitait faire leurs propres "Pendant Ocarina" (Ce que l'on peux appeler pendentif,les plus petits qui ont 4,6 ou 8 trou) mais cela a été annulé.


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