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A Panch Alto C

Panch Ocarina is a small, one-man ocarina company. The company was started in Australia, though is currently run in Thailand by Panch Sheehan.


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Panch Ocarina is currently known to make 12-hole transverse ocarinas, as well as a unique extended pendant fingering system referred to as the Australian fingering system by Panch Sheehan himself.


Panch Ocarina products have a smooth appearance, with an aesthetic that focuces on round lines.

A very small number of Panch Ocarinas have been sold or commissioned and it is uncertain when his ocarinas will be sold to the general public.

Panch Sheehan experiments with alternative fingering systems, most notably the "Australian fingering system", which is an English fingering system modified for extended range. It is unknown if ocarinas with these special fingers will be sold.