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Focalink-Stein, also known as Feng Ya Pottery, is a major ocarina producer/dealer based in Taipei, Taiwan.


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Focalink Stein has many different ocarinas available in the 12 hole variety, doubles, triples, and pendants.


Focalink double ocarina.

Focalink is a maker of high-quality professional ocarinas, and has distinguished itself as an innovator and refiner of multi-chambered ocarinas. They are also noted as makers of some of the highest quality English-style pendants currently produced. At their site, they also sell concert quality double and triple ocarinas. Among their doubles and triples, the style the makers have kept among their ocarinas are Strawfired, giving their ocarinas the look of wood itself. Although, it should be noted that their doubles and triples (including their Fortes) are slightly weighty.

Focalink plastic (ABS) models are notable to be one of the few available plastic ocarinas on the market with sound a playability nearly comparable to the clay and ceramic models.

Focalink est est fabricant d'ocarinas professionnels de grande qualités,et s'est distingué pour avoir innové dans les ocarinas multi-chambres.
Ils sont aussi considérés comme les fabricants des meilleurs pendentifs ocarinas de style anglais pour le moment.Sur leurs site WEB,ils vendent aussi des ocarina double et triples de grande qualité.Parmis leurs doubles et triples ocarinas,le style de fabrication "StrawFired" a été conservé et cela leurs donnent un aspect de bois.