Fairy Ring Mushroom Co is an American ocarina and flute company.


Master Craftswomen, twin sisters, Lonnie and Loren are makers of fine hardwood flutes and ocarinas. People know them as the "Flute Sisters,". The Flute Sisters have been woodworkers for many years and found a perfect niche when they began making flutes in 2004. The addition of ocarinas in late 2008 added a new dimension to their work. The Native American Style Flutes, Transverse Flutes, and Irish Whistles each have their own distinct voice and the ocarinas are a delight. Each have workshops and meet together to collaborate, design and make products, making over 700 flutes and over 500 ocarinas - so far.

About Our Name

FairyRingMushroom Co. derives its name from the story of the Fairy Ring Mushroom which grows in California. These mushrooms grow in a pecular way - in large circles or rings. Legend tells that fairies gather in the rings on summers' eves and if one waits quietly they may catch a glimpse.


Fine Hardwood FairyRing Flutes, Native American Style Flutes, Transverse Flutes, Ceramic Ocarinas, Hardwood Ocarinas.

Most of FairyRingMushroom Co.'s flutes are tuned to Pentatonic Modes 1 & 4, or to the Diatonic Major Scale.

Ocarinas are tuned in many ways, including: Pentatonic Modes 1 & 4; Diatonic 4-hole, Diatonic 6-Hole, Donati (chromatic) 9-Hole and Donati 10-Hole.


The FairyRingMushroom Co. uses a wide variety of woods for their Ocarinas and Flutes, working the wood and combining woods harmoniously. Wood Ocarinas are handshaped and tuned. The designs are based on popularity as well as originality. Ceramic Ocarinas are designed and handmade by Lonnie and/or Loren with care using quality clays and foodsafe glazes.


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