thumb|300px|right The Acute Bend is a technique which is used to improve resonant tone on the highest notes of a single-chambered ocarina. It involves altering the arm and neck positions of the player to bring the ocarina's sound hole within inches of the player's torso. Though this technique is not required for all ocarina models, it is known to reduce airiness on the highest notes. This technique is almost used exclusively for the Alto C type of ocarina, which is the range tuning that is most prone to having problems with airiness on the highest notes.

The Technique Edit

  • Play the scale as you normally would.
  • As you reach the top three notes of the ocarina, bow your head down as if you are bowing to someone.
  • Pull the ocarina closer to your body, and parallel to your chest. There should be about a 10cm gap between the fipple hole and your chest.
  • Play the top three notes.

If you are unsure if the top note (all holes open) is in tune, play the same note one octave lower. This will be the "F" on Alto-C Ocarinas.

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